About us

Leaders’ International School has emerged to be a pioneer & trend-setter in education by introducing CBSE syllabus. The desire to give back to the society something of what they gained from it has prompted the Trustees of the Management to launch this well-equipped school. It is designed to discover & nurture the creative & hidden talents of every child through specially designed techniques for using the unlimited right-brain power for all round dynamic personality development by operating at their full potential.

As the bud contains in itself all the fragrance & beauty that we perceive when it unfolds, we believe, that every child has the potential in her or him, which manifests itself with time & the right environment. Just as the light of the sun makes the bud bloom into a radiant lotus, the light of knowledge brings out the power within the soul of the child. Hence the need for education. We aim to provide that environment, that light, to inspire our tiny tots, to draw out the divinity in them, to enable them to shed their cocoons & blaze out in brilliant hues, to bring glory to themselves, the society & the nation.       

Our vision may seem an Utopian ideal, but we believe that the ultimate purpose of Man is to realize the self & attain perfection. The journey ahead is ling & challenging, extending over generations, but a conscious beginning ought to be made. We intend to take that road with a small step.
Leaders’ International School – LIS is set in the most presentable location near Raymond Factory, Bypass Road, Gowribidanur. It is one of the finest centers for learning in Gowribidanur – a co-educational School. LIS is unique and breathtakingly beautiful in ambience and a rare amalgamation of cultural richness of Karnataka blended with modern scientific temperament to nurture the young minds and propel them forward to face the challenges of life.